Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waterfall's in New York

If you want to photograph waterfalls the place to go is Watkins Glen State Park in New York. It's part of the finger lakes region and very easy to get to, use google. For a modest  fee of 7 dollars you get to walk along a path which follows a river cascading down into at lease 10 spectacular waterfalls, a photographers dream. If you do go show up early to avoid crowds and to catch the early sunlight as afternoon specular light is to hard.
Also another half hour away in Ithaca New York their are more waterfall I will blog these location at a later date. Gary
 Camera Nikon D-300 /Nikon 18-35 lens / F-25 / 2.5 sec. / Iso 1 ev under 200
 Camera Nikon D-300 /Nikon 18-35 lens/ F-22 / 1.3 sec. / Iso 1 ev under 200

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