Monday, July 4, 2011

Damselfly by the Water

If you go by most any river or lake you will find at the river's edge these flying insects called Damselflies. They are smaller versions of Dragonflies. Most are not longer than 5 cm ( 2 inches), and some have brilliant color almost like neon lights. Don't worry they don't bite but they are very easy to disturb, so just move slow when you try to take a picture. These pic's were taken without a tripod but I plan on trying to get a better shots with a tripod to reduce camera shake...
Tamron 18-270 Macro lens   F3.8 - 1/60 sec. - 250 iso Flash
 Nikon 85mm macro lens  F16 - 1/25 sec. - iso 1000
 Nikon Macro Lens f3.8 - 1/60 sec. / 250 iso (and yes they are mating )
Nikon 85mm Macro lens f4.2 - 1/50 sec - iso 250

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