Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waterfalls in Ithaca New York

One of my favorite places to go and shoot pictures is Ithaca New York. Their you can find many different waterfalls to photograph, and these three are within 10 miles of each other. Get up early before the sun becomes to bright and have some fun. They are all New York State Parks once you pay the 7 dollar entrance fee hold on to your ticket it will allow you to enter the other parks for the rest of the day...

This is Taughannock Falls main entrance off NYS Rte. 89 or follow signs from NYS Rte. 96 to park.
Nikon D-300/Lens Nikon 70-300mm / f-32 / ISO 100 / 1/3 sec.
I can't remember the name of this waterfall but it is found in Robrt H. Treman Park, Main entrance off NYS Rte. 327. Go to the upper entrance to see waterfall it is off Rte. 327, 3.5 miles west of NYS Rte. 13
Nikon D-300/Lens 70-300mm / f-32 / ISO 100 / 1/3 sec.
This is Buttermilk Falls main entrance off NYS Rte. 13. Their are 5 or 6 waterfalls one after another, you wont believe your eyes. A path runs along the side of the river the walk up the steps is not easy take your time.
Nikon D-300 Lens Nikon 18-35mm / f-16 / ISO 100 / 2.50/sec.

If you stay at the Super 8 motel Buttermilk falls is 2 or 3 city blocks away. Gary

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