Friday, January 27, 2012

A Face only a Mother Could Love

If you like walking around in the woods like I do every so often if you lucky and watch your step you may walk-up on the most odd looking animals. I'm sure he felt the same about me. A good rule is to keep your camera at the ready as soon as you step into any wooded area because sometime you don't have to go far before encountering mother nature. This is a snapping turtle. I didn't  know that they got this big ( well over 1 meter in length). Can you believe he just sat their and let me take his picture without running back into the water. Normally you might be lucky to see the top of his head looking at you from slightly underwater. At the time I was preparing to do some macro shots and I had the nikon 85mm 3.5G macro lens on the camera. When face with the situation of should I take time to change lens or go with what you have ready. Always get a few shots first then maybe try changing your lens. I had to get alittle closer that I wanted to but the 85mm lens worked out ok... PS... he ran off after I took 2 pictures...Gary
Camera Nikon D-300/Lens Nikon 85mm 3.5G/Iso 400/Ap Prioroty @ f-16  Gary Gillis...Summer 2010

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