Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving Waterfalls in Maryland

Most of the time when I shoot moving water I use manual or aperture prioity. Keeping a low ISO and a  high F-stop above f-16 which most of the time will yeild a slow shutterspeed and give you the ghosting effect on the water. The addition of a polarizing filter will reduce or completely eliminate glare on the water. If you try to take a picture under full sunlight it's going to cause massive problems of  to much light in white area's, the solution is get up early and take the picture before the sun becomes to bright or shoot on an overcast day...Gary

Little Patuxent River in Savage Mill Maryland
9040 Gorman Rd. on the Savage Mill Trail, 100 yards
from the street.

Can you spot the Great Heron in this pic...

Cascade Falls
This waterfall is found in Patapsco State Park, Maryland.....Gary

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  1. Wow! Beauty of God's creation seen well here. I especially Love that last one with the leaves in a circle swirl and the long water drops. Thanks for posting these.